New Sermon Series: Hosea

We learn that this “Minor” Prophet has been used by God to put on a grand pageant to illustrate God’s love for His people even when they are unfaithful. Hosea’s wife and each of her children play a part in proclaiming the truth about impending judgment for sin and also the hope of redemption found in God’s covenant love.

Hosea is eventually facing a situation where he will have to go and buy his wife Gomer from the slave market in order to deliver (save) her from her life of sin. He goes to the auction and offers the winning bid and then takes her back as his wife, not his slave! He restores her to the marriage relationship and promises to be faithful to her.

Hosea gives us an understanding of what God has done to redeem us from sin, paying the highest price, the life of His Only Son, in order to restore us to a relationship with Him. Let’s look together at this tremendous doctrine of redemption.

God’s Redeeming Love – HoseaHosea-Chapter-1-2
April 30 – July 30, 2017

1. Hosea’s Family – 1:1-2:1
2. The Hedge of Thorns – 2:2-23
3. Redeemed – 3:1-5
4. The Indictment of Israel – 4:1-19
5. Seeking without Finding – 5:1-15
6. Mercy, not Sacrifice – 6:1-11
7. The Futility of False Repentance – 7:1-16
8. Forgetting God – 8:1-14
9. Cast Away – 9:1-17
10. Break Up Your Fallow Ground – 10:1-15
11. Bent on Backsliding – 11:1-11
12. God’s Anger Provoked – 11:12-12:14
13. No Savior Besides Me – 13:1-16
14. The Ways of the Lord are Right – 14:1-19

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