Life, Death, Grief, and Hope

cross shadowToday, September 11, has been a day full of remembrance, reactions, and resolutions. We have seen the mourning of those who have lost loved ones and the indignation of those who cast blame and desire vengeance. We see more people living in fear and uncertainty with a void in leadership in our nation and our churches. But there is nothing new under the sun. As horrifying as 9/11 is and always will be, and with the looming threat of the spread of terrorism and war, we who follow Christ must strive to remember that the world will always be falling apart. It is groaning under the weight of sin and of sinners like you and me, while creation is waiting for redemption and re-creation.

This day of grieving has been made even more potent as only a few hours ago a dearly loved servant of God and friend of our church was called to be with her Savior.

And in the midst of all of this grief, the results of the fall, the curse for sin, and the incredible loss of those we love – in the midst of it all we do indeed declare that we have hope! Not wishful thinking. Not positive thoughts. True hope. And joy. And peace.

How? How can we be happy and sad at the same time? How can we grieve and rejoice in the same moment?

Because Jesus is mighty to save!

Because “faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen” (Heb. 11:1).

Because God’s Word will always be true. It is not that He chooses not to lie or deceive. He cannot lie (Titus 1:2). He is Holy, holy, holy.

And in God’s Word we read in John 11:25-26 that Jesus said, ““I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in Me, though he may die, he shall live.  And whoever lives and believes in Me shall never die. Do you believe this?”

This is our Hope.

And for all the bad news we find that the strife of life on this earth is more than evidence of the fall. The horror of suffering, cruelty, death, wars and rumors of war reveals one certainty. Jesus is coming back!

Whether He calls us to be with Him or comes back in the clouds to get us, when we put off this mortality, we will from thence and forevermore be with Jesus.

Do you believe this?

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