He Offered Up Himself

Spurgeon_glasses2You will never understand the agony of Christ’s soul if you despise the agony of his body; for, while the sufferings of his soul were the soul of his sufferings, yet the sufferings of his body were the body of his sufferings, and he who does not think much of the body of the sufferings is not likely to know much about the soul of them. His body was given for you and for me; and, then, his spiritual nature—his mind, his intellect, his heart, his imagination,—every pure unspotted faculty of that blessed soul of his,—he gave up all for us. The alabaster box, his body, was broken; and the precious nard, his soul, was poured out like a divine perfume upon the head of our poor humanity. It was all given for us: “He offered up himself.” Not his garments only, though he was stripped naked; —not his glory only, though he emptied himself; —not his life only, though he laid down his life for us;—but “he offered up himself.” Oh, it is a great word, but it describes a great sacrifice; and it needed all that to make an atonement for our sins, and all that he gave. – Charles Spurgeon on Hebrews 7:27
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