Living for God in Ungodly Times

A description of the times:

The days are days of ungodliness. The “spirit of the age” dominates the world and is even heavily infiltrating the congregation of the people of God. There is no shame for sin in public or private. The government is corrupt. The people are idolatrous. Even the people of God are living in fear and in bondage to trying to fit in and get along with the world so as to avoid further persecution and hardship. They wonder if their Savior is ever coming for them.

The worship of God, especially prayer, is banned in public and barely tolerated in private. Young people are being forcibly indoctrinated in humanistic philosophy and false religions. Families are breaking up from the inside and being broken up from the outside. Every form of wickedness is embraced and justified while the worship of God is not tolerated.

The people of God seem weak and helpless. The world appears to be winning. How are the people of God supposed to live in these times? Is God really in control? What can the people of God do in these circumstances and about these circumstances?

Sound familiar? The truth is that this is a description of the times in which Daniel lived. Yes, this is a snapshot of Judah and Babylon some 2,600 years ago. We see that Solomon is correct when he says in Ecclesiastes that there is nothing new under the sun. Daniel lived in times very similar to ours – how helpful for us then will be a study of his times and his life as recorded in his book of prophecy found in the Word of God.

Starting this week we will begin a new series of messages titled “Living for God in Ungodly Times.” This series of sermons will take us verse by verse through the Book of Daniel. These familiar stories and at times confusing prophesies will show us the big picture – God is the God of History, He is in control, and He has made it clear the ways in which we will be able to live in victory with assurance as His disciples, even when the world is against us and the times are ungodly.

Join us this week for the introductory message: “Daniel, Deity, and Destiny.”

Sunday – 10:30 AM.

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  1. Looking forward to listening in!

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