How to Join

Those who desire membership in our church and have repented of their sin and believed on the Lord Jesus Christ for salvation may join in one of the following ways:

1. Profession of Faith
2. By Letter
3. By Baptism

The process of being accepted into membership includes an Interview, New Members Class, and Acceptance by the Church.

1. Schedule a Membership Interview with a staff member or deacon.

a. This meeting (45 minutes to an hour) will give the prospect an opportunity to share their testimony, family history, and church history with the interviewer.
b. Upon giving a satisfactory testimony the prospect will move to step 2.
c. Candidates for Baptism may be baptized after completing a Membership Interview but will not be accepted as members until the Membership Process has been completed.

2. Enroll in the next New Members Class

a. The New Members Class consists of 4 weekly meetings and will be held quarterly in January, April, July, and October.
b. The New Members Class will include:

1) The Gospel – Becoming a Disciple of Jesus Christ
2) Our Confession of Faith – The First and Second London Baptist Confessions of Faith
3) Our Membership Covenant – The Meaning of Membership
4) Our Church – History, Leadership, Structure

3. Acceptance

a. Once the New Members Class has been completed the prospect will be presented to the Church by the elders.
b. Upon Acceptance by the Church each prospect will sign the Church Covenant and become a Member.

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